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The PEER 150 is a premier, invitation-only network of over 800 of the Nation’s top HR Leaders. Spanning 15 regional chapters, our membership includes HR executives from some of the world’s most prestigious and influential brands. Within our network, we host events that break away from the traditional conference format. Instead, we host at a members’ headquarters, where we get unique, behind-the-scenes look into the practices of top organizations. This approach not only offers unparalleled insights but also fosters a true peer-to-peer experience, allowing members to connect and learn from each other in a more intimate and engaging setting. We are dedicated to fostering collaboration, sharing innovative ideas, and driving excellence within the HR industry. 


Regional Dinner Series

The PEER 150 Regional Dinner Series is one of our staple events, which brings together 40-60 of the region’s top HR leaders for an evening of exceptional networking, fine dining, and engaging conversation. PEER 150 Dinners are typically hosted at Member’s headquarters and includes a tour of the host’s facilities, offering a unique behind-the-scenes look at their operations. Following the tour, we will jump into an interactive workshop or presentation led by our host’s Human Resources/People team.

Regional dinners aim to create a comfortable and free flowing environment condusive to networking and creating genuine connection with other HR leaders in attendance. 

Virtual Webinar Series

The PEER 150 Webinar Series serves as a vital touchpoint between our regional dinners, offering valuable insights from HR leaders nationwide. Launched during the pandemic in 2020, these webinars have become a crucial platform for discussing the most pressing topics in HR today. Featuring industry experts who address current challenges and innovations, our webinars ensure that members stay informed and connected throughout the year.

Our virtual gatherings take two forms, either a “tune in and listen” style webinar format or a regional roundtable format, where cameras are turned on, and participation is encouraged!

PEER 150 National Summit

The Peer 150 National Summit is a premier 2.5-day retreat bringing together 200-250 top HR executives. Engage with dynamic speakers, participate in interactive workshops, and tour the headquarters locations in our host city. After nine incredible years in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re thrilled to announce that the 2024 Summit will be held in Seattle at the iconic MoPOP Museum. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with industry leaders in the vibrant city of Seattle!


People often associate the phrase “Keep Portland Weird” with our hometown of Portland, Oregon. The sometimes-outlandish culture of Portland has become as much a part of the city’s identity as specialty coffee or craft beer and spirits. But, you may ask, what is “weird”?  Our weird is about inclusiveness. Our weird is welcoming all walks of life with open arms, just like the PDXYZ Experience.

This unique gathering is focused on bridging the generational gap in business, while breaking down the walls of traditional conferences and trade shows. This 2 ½ day business gathering in Portland, Oregon will bring together the best and brightest minds in HR, Marketing, Cyber Security, Legal and beyond, to engage in a series of discussions about talent and the universal challenges that each profession experiences. Picture an early-stage SXSW where you also experience the culture that Portland has to offer.


Vicki Williams

Vicki Williams

NBC Universal Media, LLC
Erin Dangerfield

Erin Dangerfield

SVP, People & Culture
The Golden State Warriors
Neena Potenza

Neena Potenza

Chief People Officer
Eric Hutcherson

Eric Hutcherson

Chief People & Inclusion Officer
Universal Music Group
Apple Musni

Apple Musni

Chief People Officer


Why Join as a PEER 150 Member?​

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive access to ALL of our PEER 150 Events. Including our Regional Dinners, Virtual Opportunites, National Summit, and The PDXYZ.
  • Access to our Slack and LinkedIn channels, where you can connect freely with other members of the community.
  • Ability to connect with like-minded HR executives in an exclusive setting.
  • Video recordings of virtual and in-person content.
  • The best part… Membership is completely FREE!